Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nelson C. Turner "The Mind of the Jesuit..." Understanding Why The World IS Sinfully Disoriented

This just completed work on the life and works of Ignatius Loyola and the Society of Jesus was designed to serve as a primer and overview of the topic for those unfamiliar with the Society, but includes much information that those familiar with the Order may not have encountered or considered.  A review of the personal history of Ignatius, his annotations for the Spiritual Exercises, and a clear and concise overview of the main tenets of Jesuit theology are enhanced with numerous images which demonstrate the global presence of the Jesuits.  The extent of their moral influence upon professed Protestants is exposed as the doctrines of the Jesuits are compared to the words of the King James Bible and the statements of the Lord Jesus Christ.    Documentation includes citations from Catholic, Jesuit, and Protestant sources detailing the perverted morals, twisted theology, and criminal actions of this group of self professed followers of the doctrines of Ignatius Loyola.  The research for this work  included the perusal of  hundreds of books and documents, and readers are supplied with sufficient source material to be able to draw their own conclusions about the Society of Jesus.
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Pastor Nelson C. Turner shepherds a non-corporate Bible Believing Church in south Central Pennsylvania. He is the author of the book above as well as GOD'S DIVORCE which explores the biblical doctrine of divorce and reveals the distortions of that doctrine which have found their way into the teaching and practice of most mainstream churches -- to the detriment and temporal ruin of many. Pastor Turner also maintains an active Christian ministry via his website . Visitors to the website are welcome to view many streaming video sermons, special studies on the Holy Scriptures, and teachings of significance to the practice of Christianity. Sermons may also be freely downloaded (in .mp3 format) for listening on your home computers or personal media players. There is also a downloadable library of essential books for Christian education and enrichment, and incidental writings by Pastor Turner based upon what Christians have always believed from the Bible as their infallible guide rather than what those corrupted by popery offer in contradiction to God's word as found in the AV1611 King James Bible.
Let those with ears hear and those with eyes see, and those with neither throw yourselves upon the mercy of God to find if you are of His Elect at last.
God is the Creator and Sovereign over ALL of His creation and creatures. Those of us His creatures invite His wrath when presuming to make Him in our image according to our wishes. The Lord God has revealed Himself as HE IS in His word. Seek Him while He may be found. Worship Him in Spirit and Truth. Repent and believe the Gospel. "This is the work of God that ye believe on him whom he hath sent." John 6:29

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